The Ultimate Furnishing Concept

for cooperative, dynamic and flexible learning..

Our innovative 5-Sided Table

offers all possibilities. Mobile, flexible and enormously versatile to group together. And yet, if required, a fully-fledged single table with 0.46 m2 of work surface and sufficient space for books, documents and work materials. 

The 5-Sided Table shows its strengths especially in group work. Whether 2, 3, 4 or 6-person combinations, rows or large rounds: Practically any arrangement is possible and creates an optimal communication situation.

Advantages of our 5-Sided Table EWT.5:

  • Suitable for ALL forms of teaching & learning methods
  • Perfect viewing angles in every group set-up
  • ONE table height / learning level for all
  • Promotes cooperative & self-organised learning
  • Mobile, flexible & stackable
Gruppenkombinationen des Fünfecktisches von EinrichtWerk in Panketal

Learning at the same height.

Due to the standardised height of 74 cm, the EWT.5 can easily be driven under with a wheelchair. Everyone learns at eye level: large and small, cross-grade groups, pupils and teachers. No special places, no barriers.

Easy to roll - without any noise.

Flexible learning with the EWT.5 starts with its fixable double castor: in no time at all, even primary school children can easily move the tables around, and new teaching situations can be created in seconds.

Universally suitable for use:

From Primary School to Adult Education.

Up to 8 tables can be stacked to save space.

Older pupils can even stack them on their own. Even in small classrooms, this quickly creates free space for various activities..

Unser Fünfecktisch: Der Schultisch für flexibles Arbeiten

The 5-Sided Tables also offer optimum conditions for left-handers.

Left-handers simply use the 5-Sided Table "the other way round" and sit on the sloping side. This gives them ample space on the right and at the top to place documents within easy reach.