The ultimate furnishing concept for cooperative, flexible learning and playing.

Standing. Sitting. Lying.

Innovative solutions for cooperative and flexible learning and working.

From Primary School to Adult Education.

5-Sided Table

With its patented angle combination: more combination possibilities than any other table.

Footrest Chair

Learning at eye level: The Footrest Chair with 3-way adjustable footrest.

Cantilever Chair

Even more moving and bouncy. Designed for healthy, dynamic sitting - promotes concentration.

Cooperative, flexible learning and playing with this dynamic seating furniture.

5-Sided Lounge

For learning, retreat and communication areas.

5-Sided Mat

Creates dynamic islands for sitting, playing and relaxing.

Saddle Stool

The 2-in-1 Saddle Stool for active sitting: ergonomic stool and saddle seat in one.


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Our innovative solutions in use.


EWT.5 5-Sided Table

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