The ultimate furnishing concept for cooperative, flexible learning and playing.

Standing. Sitting. Lying.

Innovative solutions for cooperative and flexible learning and working.

From Primary School to Adult Education.

5-Sided Table

With its patented angle combination: more combination possibilities than any other table.

Footrest Chair

Learning at eye level: The Footrest Chair with 3-way adjustable footrest.

Cantilever Chair

Even more moving and bouncy. Designed for healthy, dynamic sitting - promotes concentration.

Cooperative, flexible learning and playing with this dynamic seating furniture.

5-Sided Lounge

For learning, retreat and communication areas.

5-Sided Mat

Creates dynamic islands for sitting, playing and relaxing.

Saddle Stool

The 2-in-1 Saddle Stool for active sitting: ergonomic stool and saddle seat in one.


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Our innovative solutions in use.


EWT.5 5-Sided Table

Schools today are faced with multiple challenges...

As a team with extensive experience in the field of educational furniture, we have closely examined, listened to, and analyzed the challenges we are confronted with today, in both teaching and learning in our schools and in adult education. Solving these challenges is what drives us. This is how new products are created that can change and improve teaching.

  • Our unique 5-Sided Table all learning, teaching and working forms - ideally suited for individual and group work.
  • Our flexible Cantilver Chair for dynamic & agile sitting - ensures long-lasting concentration and strengthens the back.
  • Our newly developed 5-Sided Lounge: exceptionally versatile for grouping. Perfectly suited for learning, recreational and communication areas.

Our in-house developed and legally protected tables, cabinets, and acoustic elements directly influence the interaction in school classes, encourage the integration of a social framework and establish new enthusiasm for teaching and for learning - as a cooperation. At the same time, flexible teaching concepts receive new impulses. All of our school furniture is „Made in Germany“ and meets the highest demands.

We are partner of the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels.  Read more...

We are partners of Canopé in France.