EWS.60 - The Lounge Concept:

for learning, recreational and communication areas.

Extremely variable and versatile seating elements. The successful 5-sided format from EinrichtWerk - now as seating elements with and without backrests.

Learning, playing, working, chilling, ... EinrichtWerk‘s innovative Lounge Concept creates variable seating areas as and where they are needed. Developed on the basis of our patented 5-Sided Table ETW.5. Extremely flexible, mobile, and multifunctional.

Made in Germany. 

Exceptionally versatile for grouping.

Its basic format is a classic rectangle from which we simply „cut off“ one corner. The result: a completely new format with enormously variable placement options. From a single seat to group arrangements of any size. As a sitting area, row, or bench. With or without backrests, or in combination. Circular or semi-circular, placed next to each other or back to back, ... Practically every arrangement is possible.

Especially practical: when placed standing up, the backless seating elements are transformed into comfortable stools or side tables for writing utensils, laptops, game boards, documents.

Fünfecklounge von EinrichtWerk: vielseitig anwendbar
Fünfecklounge von EinrichtWerk: vielfältige Kombinationen sind möglich

Rearranged and reconfigured Seating Landscape in no time.

Reading alone or relaxing? Put up your feet? A private conversation? No problem. The EW.60/61 Lounge Concept adapts spontaneously and allows smooth transitions between individual and group seating. Robust, easy care, and comfortable. Universally usable.

Universally usable.

In many classrooms, multifunctional seating areas are already standard: tailor-made for dynamic learning situations, as communal and break areas, for changing seating positions, ... Also ideal for auditoriums, libraries, rec rooms, waiting areas, cafés, dining halls and meeting points.

Robust, easy care, and comfortable.

Core made of firm foam. Durably sewn Cover made of imitation leather: washable, kind to the skin, UV and perspiration resistant, tear and abrasion resistant*, flame retardant**; closed at the bottom with Velcro.

Abrasion test (Martindale) ≥100,000 (B1), DIN/EN 1021 1+2(match + lighter), ÖNORM B3825

Now NEW!

Anti-slip underside with zip fastener.

Advantages of our 5-Sided Lounge:

  • Extremely variable: only two versions - countless possible combinations.
  • Quick and easy to rearrange.
  • Durable due to robust, easy-care imitation leather.

Technical Specifications for the 5-Sided Lounge:

Lime / Orange / Gray

Core made of firm foam.

Durable sewn cover made of imitation leather:
  • Washable (waterproof)
  • Skin-friendly (phthalate-free, antibacterial)
  • UV resistant, sweat resistant, tear resistant
  • Abrasion test (Martindale) ≥100,000
  • Flame retardant DIN/EN 1021 1+2(match + lighter), ÖNORM B3825, BS 5852 Crib 5 (wood pile 17g)
  • Anti-slip underside, with zipper

Der flexible Lounge-Sessel mit Rückenlehne von Einrichtwerk

Arm Chair EWS.61:

a) Width: 62,5 cm
b) Total depth: 67,5 cm
c) Seat height: 43 cm
d) Total height: 82 cm
e) Seat depth: 44 cm

Weight: 7,8 kg

Der flexible Lounge-Sessel von EinrichtWerk

Ottoman EWS.60:

a) Width: 62,5 cm
b) Depth: 67,5 cm
c) Height: 43 cm

Weight: 6 kg

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