EWT.5 – The 5-Sided Table

One table for all learning concepts and teaching forms.

Perfect viewing angles in any group setting

In no time at all, the tables can be easily rearranged, even by primary school children, and new teaching situations can be created in seconds.

The 5-Sided Table explained in just 90 seconds:  Video

One table for all learning concepts and teaching forms.

One table for all - puts an end to many different table sizes and shapes! Universally applicable: from primary school to adult education.

Groups of different sizes, rows, U-shapes, individual work or discussion groups: No other table can solve all these challenges as perfectly as the EWT.5. And it offers the best possible eye contact in all group set-ups and thus the ideal prerequisite for optimal communication.

Thanks to the patented corner combination: more combinaition possibilities than with any other table.

This innovative 5-Sided Table allows multiple permutations. It allows for mobile, dynamic and multiform groups. With its surface area of 0.46 m2, it can also be used as a classic individual desk and offers sufficient space for books, documents and school materials.

The 5-Sided Table reveals its full potential especially for group work of  2, 3, 4 or 6 people, in rows or extended circles: it offers an almost unlimited number of arrangements, creating optimal communication situations.

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Idealer Blickwinkel in Gruppenarbeiten mit dem Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk

Always the perfect viewing angle for any group work:

Arranged in the intended way, the 5-Sided Tables gives everyone in the group direct eye contact. This increases attention, improves communication and social interaction.

Learning at the same level.

Due to the standardised height of 74 cm, the EWT.5 can easily be driven under with a wheelchair. Everyone learns at eye level: large and small, cross-grade groups, pupils and teachers. No special places, no barriers.

Der Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk in drei verschiedenen Formaten und Ausrichtungen

Fully-fledged single table: this 5-Sided Table delivers added value.

In all three offered formats, the school desk with five sides offers enough space for writing exams or tests at the single table. Three different seating positions are possible. In secondary schools, this 5-sided table can be adapted to particular room proportions or to personal working methods.

Left-handers (a) use the 5-Sided Table sitting on the slanted side and simply "vice versa". This leaves the students spacious space at the top and on the right to place their documents within easy reach.

Customer Testimonials

"At the professorship, we are researching, among other things, the classroom of the future. With the flexible 5-Sided Tables, we can switch super fast between different forms of work. For example, if we want to use virtual reality technology, we can convert the whole room into a tracking surface in just under a minute, run through virtual learning scenarios and then simply build group tables again."

Prof. Dr. Dengel, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

„I have been working with the 5-Sided Tables for a year now... Being flexible is part of my everyday life, which has been enriched by the 5-Sided Tables and their writing surfaces. Everything was going well for my students and for me, until one day we changed rooms ... to return to a "classic" classroom... It was then that I realized how much my life and the way I work had changed over time.
I was very surprised at the discomfort in a "classical" classroom (with the same space), the lack of mobility, the lack of space, flexibility and movement... I noticed changes in my students, who were much less inclined to cooperate, help others, interact with each other - but also in myself. A big thank you for these tables and a big thank you to my school director for supporting me with these transformations.“

Laurent Bescond, High-School Sainte-Clotilde, Strasbourg

"We have been able to equip our entire Sek-I with the 5-Sided Tables Small and are very satisfied. Even if, due to the pandemic, we can only vary the methods to a limited extent, it is already apparent that the diverse arrangement options are perceived by pupils and teachers. In addition, the tables look better than conventional furniture (surfaces, rounded edges) and have proven to be robust so far.“

Rudolf Thomann, Deputy Director IGS Kronsberg

„The entire school team thinks that the furniture is a good choice for our auditorium, both ergonomically and visually, and in terms of its potential uses. We have already had to move some tables to other classrooms because of Corona. The easy transport, as well as the space-saving single tables, are simply brilliant in Corona times.“

(Simone Hübner, StDin, Assistant School Director, Don Bosco Berufsschule Waldwinkel)

mobiler Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk für die Grundschule

Easy to roll - without any noise.

Flexible learning with the EWT.5 starts with its fixable double castor: in no time at all, even primary school children can easily move the tables around, and new teaching situations can be created in seconds.

Up to 8 tables can be stacked to save space.

Older pupils can even stack them on their own. Even in small classrooms, this quickly creates free space for various activities.

Unser Fünfecktisch: Der Schultisch für flexibles Arbeiten

The 5-Sided Tables also offer optimum conditions for left-handers.

Left-handers simply use the 5-Sided Table "the other way round" and sit on the sloping side. This gives them ample space on the right and at the top to place documents within easy reach.

Advantages of our 5-Sided Table:

  • Perfectly suited for all forms of teaching
  • Creates one learning height/table level for all
  • Supports flexible and cooperative learning
  • Mobile and stackable
  • Hygienic: easy to clean
  • Developed and produced in Germany
Kooperative Arbeit mit dem Fünfecktisch von EinrichtWerk

Easy-care, waterproof, almost indestructible.

13 mm thick HPL solid core panel with spherically milled safety edge (instead of lipping) is virtually indestructible. Even liquids cannot harm it. Particularly safe: The edge rounding of 4 mm - far exceeds the current regulations of 2 mm. And considerably reduces the risk of injury.

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Perfect combination:

Our mobile Storage Cabinet EWH.4 has the same height as the tables and can therefore quickly extend the work surface - especially in primary schools.

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Can be optimally combined with our EWT.5 5-Sided Table:

The chair with adjustable footrest places all primary school pupils at the same working height.

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