EWS.3 Cantilever Chair

Dynamic seating in a new dimension.

The Cantilever Chair EWS.3: even more agile, bouncy, comfortable. For a strong back and sustained concentration.

Even more so than conventional, free-swinging chairs, the EWS.3 promotes healthy dynamic sitting. The tubular frame, which is open at the front, is made of a highly elastic high-tech steel. In combination with the bouncy 3D Seat Shell, the EWS.3 achieves a vibration behaviour that defines a new seating quality.

When sitting in a forward position (e.g. when working at a table), the seat also tilts forward. This creates an open seat angle that relieves the lumbar vertebrae. When leaning back in a relaxed position, the chair swings backwards, optimally supporting and relieving the back. The cantilever chair reacts gently and resiliently to every shift of weight and thus keeps the body constantly in slight motion. Instead of remaining in one position, the sitter is encouraged to change his or her posture frequently.

The result: the muscles are stimulated and tension and back problems are prevented.

Extremely robust and stable. Comfortable to carry.
Easily stackable.

Seat Shell optionally made of polypropylene with closed, easy-to-clean surface or of naturally lacquered beech plywood. Also available with seat pad on request. Seat height 46 cm.

Tested safety: GS-certified.

So every backpack has the perfect hold.

Thanks to the slightly downward curved backrest, backpacks and bags cannot slide down. Thanks to the floor glides that are pulled far back, the Cantilever Chair EWS.3 stands securely and stably even when loaded with heavy school bags and cannot tip over.
Nothing disturbs the lesson, the floor remains clear and no one trips over bags lying around.

For a strong back and sustained concentration.

More about this innovative  3D Seat Shell

ergonomischer Freischwinger von EinrichtWerk

The ideal combination:

The Cantilever Chair EWS.3 and
the innovative 5-Sided Table EWT.5

Find out more...

Advantages of the Cantilever Chair EWS.3:

  • Ergonomic seat shell enables different sitting positions
  • Promotes dynamic sitting and increases concentration
  • Perfectly ergonomic with pronounced support in the lumbar region
  • Extremely resilient and stable
  • Mobile & stackable (5 chairs)
  • Backpacks can be securely hung on the backrest
  • Can be quickly converted to different floors thanks to Interchargeable Glides

Technical Specifications for the Cantilever Chair:

Die 3D-Sitzschale von EinrichtWerk in sechs verschiedenen Farben

Synthetic Seat Shell

Polypropylene, double-walled and flexible.

Colours of the synthetic Seat Shell:

Orange, lime, brick red, grass green, sea blue, graphit

Stackable up to 5 chairs.

Der Freischwinger von EinrichtWerk mit komfortablem Sitzpolster

Optional: Seat Pad

  • Extremely robust cover fabric, 100% polyester
  • Certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • Especially hard-wearing (>100,000 Martindale cycles)
  • Virtually flame-retardant EN 1021 – 1/2
  • BS 7176 Low Hazard

Special features

a: Armrest
b: Handhold
c: Knee roll
d: Stack saver
e: Anti-tipper


Der Freischwinger von EinrichtWerk


a: Seat height: 46 cm
b: Width 49 cm
c: Depth 47 cm
d: Seat depth 40 cm
e: Seat width 42 cm
f: Back height 37,5 cm

Tubular frame made of special steel, Ø 22 mm bei 2,5 mm.

Interchargeable Glides
Either felt or plastic. Easy replacement of the Interchargeable Glides: lever out the glide plate with a screwdriver.

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