Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about our 5-Sided Table EWT.5:

Why does the table have only one roller?

Because it can be manoeuvred easily and precisely like a wheelbarrow. Try it out!
Give us a call and we'll bring a table over for you.

Why is the board so thin? Will it hold?

And how it holds! The HPL solid core board can withstand almost anything. These are used to build swimming-pool changing rooms. It is hard to find tabletops that are more sustainable. No edge banding is needed, so you can't nibble off any edges. No cracks, no swelling. And no vapours whatsoever. Besides, it also looks great.

Do the tables fit in our room?

If you have any doubts about whether the tables will fit in your room, we will be happy to render a drawing for you in 3D. All you have to do is give us the measurements and the desired number of tables/chairs and whatever else you want in the room. This is free of charge and without obligation.

How much does assembly cost?

No assembly, no costs! The tables arrive pre-assembled. You only decide whether we deliver to the point of use or to behind the 1st door, if you want to save on the contract expenses. You might simply ask your pupils to bring their new table into the classroom themselves, then they will immediately get a feel for the easy handling of our 5-Sided Table EWT.5.

We also have pupils who use a wheelchair: will it fit under there?

Our EWT.5 is also the perfect fit here. But measure the width of the wheelchairs. If you want to purchase the small, 67cm-wide EWT.5, we recommend having a handful of the 79cm tables at the ready. Then any standard wheelchair will fit. And the two models fit together perfectly.

Why does the table only come in one height? How does this work in the primary school?

Quite simple. With the Footrest Chair everyone sits at the same height. The little pupils love sitting at the same level as the big ones. Thanks to the adjustable footrest, legs don't dangle – all feet stand up straight.  For the adults, the uniform height of the table also has the advantage that they too sit in a good ergonomic position, and do not bend their backs.

What happens at exam time?

Then our EWT.5 really comes into its own, with plenty of space for everything you need – a single table! In just a few minutes, the tables are transformed from group to individual workstations. Quite simple.

What about parents' evening?

Let the guests set up a circle themselves, this loosens everyone up and gets the parents talking. Then everyone then has eye contact, even in a large group. You can see how to set up large circles here: EWT.5 Combinations.

Our assembly hall is bursting at the seams!

No problem! Stack the tables 6 or 8 high and your classroom becomes a small auditorium – there is space for the theatre group to rehearse.
Our table is a space miracle: big in the plenum, small in the stack.
And the best thing: Anyone can arrange it on their own or in pairs. This injects the group with movement and creates fresh concentration.

Is there a storage compartment?

Yes, it exists in the form of a drawer! We placed the drawer so that it fits perfectly with the group of four, as this is the most common learning and working group in primary schools. The drawers are not accessible in 6- or 12-person set-ups. If the tables are stacked, please remove the drawers beforehand. The drawers cannot be retrofitted, bear this in mind when ordering.

How do I know how to set up the tables without a long period of trial-and-error?

We provide a poster with numerous set-up options. The position of the roller is marked with a black dot, so that the set-up is easy to understand and quick to implement. Or you can take a look right here: EWT.5 Combination aids.
But maybe you just let the students do some practical geometry: four tables means: 360° divided by four. So you need 90° segments. Six tables: 360° divided by 6 – i.e. 60° segments. 12 tables: 30° segments. Quite simple. And if you or your class invent a new constellation, feel free to send us photos. Other schools will thank you! The four-circle segment, for example, came from the Fröndenberg Comprehensive School and is now one of the most common forms.

How long does it take to change groups into individual tables for exams?

We haven't measured it yet, but we know from a primary school that the pupils there only need 2-3 minutes to rearrange the desks for the next lesson. The more you do it, the faster it becomes.

Can I give it a try?

Of course. We will visit you – with no obligation – and also leave you a sample, so you can give the table a thorough trial-run in the college. One phone call is all it takes: +33 3 - 88 59 37 44

What does the table cost and what are the conditions?

Tell us what you need, and we will make you an appropriate offer – for a high-quality product made in Germany.

To the mail:
To the phone: +33 3 - 88 59 37 44