About EinrichtWerk

Schools today face a variety of challenges, such as the legal entitlement to all-day care or dynamically changing forms of learning and teaching. Our motivation is to solve these challenges together with you. Under the guiding principle of "all-day care in the classroom", we have developed an ingeniously variable equipment concept that turns classrooms into modern multifunctional rooms: for learning, playing, promoting and feeling good. Individually usable and reconfigured in minutes as required. Again and again. Cost-effective. Without costly remodelling. 

  • With its unique format, our patented 5-Sided Table, the centerpiece of our progressive equipment concept, enables a wide range of set-up and usage options (teams of 2, 3 and 4, up to groups of 6 and 12, large rounds, rows). 
  • NEW: Our 5-Sided Table Family has grown: the height-adjustable and tiltable Vario 5-Sided Table and the 5-Sided High Table - for a wide variety of uses. 
  • Our new Multifunctional Board - writing board, presentation surface and work board in one. It can be perfectly integrated into the modular board cabinet. 
  • The ergonomic Footrest Chair for all age groups and the 5-Sided Lounge complete the flexible furniture concept from EinrichtWerk. A sustainable and valuable investment in the future that pays off. 

Naturally, all our school furniture is Made in Germany* and meets the highest standards. 

*excluding saddle stools (Made in USA)

A company of EinrichtWerk and Schule Digital Begreifen

We have always believed in the power of innovative learning environments. Our pentagonal table was just the beginning. But we have realised that it takes more than furniture to change the educational landscape.

eduhu is our newest company in the group. It was born out of the realisation that the many challenges facing schools today can only be solved if schools transform themselves. The application of new pedagogical concepts, the use of digital technologies and the reorganisation of learning spaces into multifunctional learning environments represent the key points of a genuine educational transformation.

In collaboration with Michelle, Steffen and Christopher from Schule Digital Begreifen (SDB), a team of passionate teachers and business IT specialists, we have developed what eduhu is today.

What does eduhu do?

eduhu changes the educational landscape together with you thanks to a holistic approach that suits you - from practice for practice. As a contact point for committed teachers who want to develop themselves and their teaching in a contemporary way, we support you with extensive input on our website and on social media, a wide range of training courses on topics relating to AI, all-day schooling and teaching or with a workshop format for school development processes tailored to your needs.

You can find more information here: eduhu.de