References from the Primary School Sector

„The tables and chairs are of high quality and are very easy for the children to handle. I have just used the geometry lessons as an opportunity to let the children explore in action how many ways the tables can be combined.

… I am excited about how our learning landscape is now becoming even more of a third educator and can be adapted to the children's learning."

Tess Kayser, Gwunderschule GmbH, Lenzburg, Switzerland

Primary school Welldorf in Jülich

Educational Center Rahlenberg in Herscheid

Primary School Kattenstroth

Primary School Holzwickede

Primary School Lauterbach

Flexible Schulmöbel von EinrichtWerk in der Grundschule Lauterbach

State Vocational School Center Herzogenaurach

State Vocational School Center Hemer

Primary School in Hankensbüttel

Primary School II „Bruno-Hans-Bürgel“ in Schöneiche near Berlin